Season finale live chat with the cast and crew recap

The moment we waited all season for has finally happened and the hack to take Evil Corp down has executed. During the season finale the cast and crew of Mr. Robot participated in a live chat. Here's a recap...(responses are in bold)


Season 2 will be here quicker than we know it

@MrsTomSauter so so excited for this. Rami, are you glad you didn't get this much exposure until your 30’s? No time like the present!

@summer0001 Most challenging part of playing Elliot? He can be emotionally draining at times…but I love him for it.

@RamiMalekNews Best part about doing Mr. Robot? Hanging out with the coolest cast and crew

@noodlenida If you weren’t playing elliot, who would you play? Mr. Robot. Oh Wait…I Am Mr. Robot

@jordankbloquita@ What was it like filming the Wonder Wheel scene with Christian? It was rad. He's such a pro and now a great friend

@I_Rafei do you relate to eliot in any way? We both wear the same hoodie…MINE

@ramimallek besides The Water, what do you like to listen to in your earpiece? do you listen to music during happy scenes? Happy scenes???

@beckwatney how do you feel about being an inspiration to young actors and people around the world? Humbled and honored. It's so cool to see how many ways our show affects people.

@BellaRaeAnne is there anything from Elliot's character that lingers in your everyday? Just gotta make sure we're keeping Querty alive.

Favorite movie= HUD. cinematography is sick and Paul Newman always delivers.


@JordanKBloquita What's the best part about filming in Coney Island? I grew up in NY, so the memories. Riding the cyclone. Working with Sam&Rami.

@summer0001 how would you describe Elliot in 3 words? A good son.

@Skiperella  An Ashley Madison leak mention. Are the writers psychic or just that current? Wow! Psychic. Only psychic writers.

@elliotalderson what is your skin care routine? YOU HAVE BEAUTIFUL GLOWING SKIN I would also like to know the answer to this.

@mz_gael christian slater hacked ashley madison. not cool, man. Sorry dude

@scottfavr what do you love most about @ItsRamiMalek ? His commitment and dedication.

@BMN_ if I walked into Starbucks one day & ordered "The Slater," do you think they'd know what I'm talking about? I order Starbucks as Tony. Easier to spell.

(Question not available) I had a pet monkey and I named him Indy

@elliotalderson what's your opinion of the relationship of elliot and tyrell??? To soon to call.

@sadfacedleo this is important how many dogs do you have now? Any dachshunds? Two dogs. Fish and Hoot.

@only_free-mind Did they tell you when you started that you would be the delusion of a genius hacker? Yes.

(Question not available) Only Sean Connery knows


@summer0001 how would you describe Darlene in 3 words? Tenacious, Badass, Smart

@broadcities were you shocked when you found out Darlene was Elliot's sister? I actually knew from the very beginning!

@scottfavr Given the chance, what other character would you have liked to play on the show? Funny enough, they actually had me read for Angela also!

@somemadelines What surprised you most in the series?? that it kept getting better and better and better when I thought we couldn't top it

@I8stsense if You Were the fans, would want to Darlene and Elliot together? No because they're related... that would be incest!

@trolho can you describe @ItsRamiMalek in one word? wonderful

@freebeez54 what was your favorite episode? episode 8

@djberies do you enjoy working with all of your co-stars?

Yes, couldn't be luckier to have gotten stuck with all of them


@somemadelines how is Mr Robot different from all of the other shows or movies you’ve done?? The writing and tone of the show wasn't like anything I had seen.

@BMN_ is there anything you would like to see happen with your characters in the future? I would like to see them get into some trouble... they are a badass pair


I would just like to say @Glo_Reuben fucking murders every scene she's in.

@back2massie y'all gotta hook Wallström up w a twitter for next season okay? I agree. He needs to get with it.

@slominic got a second season locked up yet or no? Yes

@da_667 I remember hearing the report that the second season was locked in after the pilot episode aired and it got such good reviews. Close, it was locked in before the pilot aired

@DarkeEcoFreak did you hack ashley madison just to make #MrRobot even better? Okay, I'm gonna be honest. This is a huge announcement I'm about to make. Ready? I SUCK at hacking.

@rustyhatchell for very good reasons! Lock in ALL the seasons!!! I like that idea! Please write a letter to @USA_Network.

@blerdocracy I actually like Gideon. I hate that all this is happening to him. The guy who plays Gideon, the brilliant @michelgill, loves to ski. I, however, do not.

@emmyrossum that's because you won't TRY to ski. Because my idea of fun isn't to disable my legs and go flying down a cliff in sub-zero temperatures.

 @snowy0wl_where's Tyrell? Very good question. What's everyone's theory?

@TruthBTold_100 Forgive my student loans!!! I finally paid all of mine off a month ago. It only took 20 years and paying over double the amount I borrowed.

@TruthBTold_100 Go you!! And you have an AMAZING show!! You are living my dream!! P. S what did you major in in school?? Film and computer science, obviously

@GregCroak He’s (Tyrell) definitely in the mask... I think. Is he in the mask? TELL ME IF HE'S IN THE MASK!!! It's all in the eyes, @ItsRamiMalek-sized eyes

@shaunparker Whose choice was the aesthetic to shoot so much on the lower third of the frame? DP or you? It gives the show it's own feel. It was me. If u like it, here's a good time to plug my film @cometthemovie streaming on @netflix now! 

@ziyatong If you could send a message to Deep Panda (the semi~equiv of Dark Army) what would you want to say to them? I would probably be too scared to send them a message

I have to say, @stephcorneliuss kills this scene. I loved shooting it. They were great working off of each other.

@RedDevil09 she scares me. But in a good way, right?

@deathtodvr please say that we'll see more of Joanna in season 2! She's such a captivating character. I can say yes! 

@PharaohsQueen75 What inspired you to write Mr. Robot? Was it one thing in particular or everything that's been ... A few reasons, but mostly frustration over shitty movies/tv shows about hacking and tech

@JasonKaestner1 The music is perfect in every scene. @macquayle did an amazing job. He's on a different level. The man is a genius. 

@funnyesquire who chose the music for the show? It's almost as brilliant as the show. I tend to be the one that picks the music, but our editor Phillip picked that great Jim Carroll Band song.

@elliotaldersin are you aware that most of the fanbase wants tyrell and elliot together? I am aware and think it's awesome

@CallMeSauceFace Michael Cristofer is such a great actor. Were you a fan of Rubicon? HUGE fan. Great show.

“You need some new shoes. Those won’t do anymore.” Only the great Michael Cristofer can deliver a line like that

@theoriginalhova something tells me we're about to witness the biggest cliff hanger of the season...What makes you say that?

@RitPaterno the locations are beautiful... Or are they all sets? 50/50? They add so much to the overall feel. Mostly locations. When you're in NYC, you gotta shoot it!

@kilgorene I need heart shaped sunglasses! Me too, but @carlychaikin can pull it off. I, on the other hand, cannot. Sadly.

@ReginaSmall This shoe salesman needs to BACK UP and understand that Angela's only work shoes just got ruined. Totally agree

@savedonemore Wonder if Elliot has multiple personalities....Would explain the gaps in his memory. I think you're on to something…

@3_huntaa If Rami Malek doesn't win a Golden Globe for #MrRobot then this world is fucked up. I think this is pretty accurate

@ThatGingeCarly t's almost over! What is the best way to cope with the hiatus? Tremendous work by the way! Guys, we still have a lot of ground to cover. Remember, it's extra long tonight!

Guys, one of my favorite songs is about to come on

@NobodyEpic ODB fan? Who isn’t?

@JennysTrueHappy what song is playing now? ODB!

@IngyTias how did you manage to clear out Times Square to shoot this scene? We shot at 2 am the night before 4th of July. If there's one thing I know, New Yorkers love their holidays.

@melodychi what is this song? Alabama Shakes' Sound & Color. Fucking awesome song and band. Please go buy their music.

Remember guys to pay your respects and watch all the credits. I mean, ALL OF THEM. Trust me.

See you next season!