Best TV shows 2015: from Mad Men to Jessica Jones - Vox


Compiling a year-end top TV list is always a humongous beast of a task, even when you watch as many shows as I do. But that was truer than ever in 2015.

There's so much out there! This year, there were more than 400 scripted dramas and comedies just in primetime. And when you add late-night, daytime, and reality programming, the number of series leaps well into the thousands upon thousands.

So when you see that the list below starts at 35, and then see that I've thrown in an additional 25 runners-up, know that I'm choosing only a small fraction of a fraction of the shows I wanted to include. (My initial list of programs to either consider or catch up on ran nearly 175 titles in total — and I never quite got to a few of them. Sorry, Penny Dreadful. Maybe next year.) While the number 10 is largely an arbitrary one, there issome value to conciseness, so I've also ranked everything. If you just want to know my top 10, you can scroll down to that point. And if your favorite show isn't on this list, I probably just didn't watch it.

On with the countdown.

13) Mr. Robot (USA)

USA Network

USA Network

By far the year's most talked-about new series was also one of its best, and one reason is that it felt like it actually took place in a world where the internet is as omnipresent as it is in our reality — something TV constantly struggles with. A young hacker grappling with mental illness tells the audience about the time he got wrapped up in a scheme to bring down the world's economy. It sounds like a Fight Club homage — and it is — but it's so much else, too, and it stars TV's best unreliable narrator.