The New 'Mr. Robot' Trailer Answers a Lot of Old Questions


USA dropped a trailer for the new season of Mr. Robot on Wednesday, revealing that the world—and Elliot's mind—are teetering closer to the edge of collapse than ever before.

For those who haven't seen the show (or didn't keep up with its extremely longsecond season), Sam Esmail's Mr. Robot follows a socially challenged, clinically depressed, technologically genius hacker named Elliot (Rami Malek) who finds himself at the center of a plot to take down the world's largest corporation, the all-powerful E-Corp. He teams up with a crew of hackers led by Mr. Robot (Christian Slater), who's willing to lay down his life for the cause. Not too far into the series—but still, spoiler alert, sort of—we learn Elliot has a split personality, and that Mr. Robot is actually his second self.

The new trailer answers a whole host of questions left hanging at the end of season two: first and foremost, that Elliot survived a potentially fatal encounter during last season's finale. Things have spiraled out of control since the Mr. Robot gang first got up and running, and now their onetime partner in revolution—the Dark Army—has turned on them.

As Elliot struggles to keep his head straight and prevent Mr. Robot from completely taking over his psyche, his crew—including his sister (Carly Chaikin) and longtime best friend (Portia Doubleday)—work with him to continue the fight against E-Corp. But as the new trailer reveals, the world economy is collapsing, protesters are swarming the streets, and people's lives are in jeopardy—leaving Elliot worried he might need to pump the brakes on his wild crusade.

The third season of Mr. Robot premieres on USA October 11.