The 10 Best TV Shows Of 2015 - UPROXX


According to a study put together by FX, there were 409 scripted series on TV in 2015, or nearly double what it was only six years ago. That includes broadcast networks, basic and pay cable networks, and over-the-top content. We’re no longer in the golden age of TV; it’s the Too Much TV era. It’s hard for a show to break through when there’s so much to be watched. These 10 shows not only managed to do that; they’re also our favorites for the year.

7. Mr. Robot

USA Network

USA Network

The best new series of the year pays homage to classic cult movies from the ’90s (American Psycho and Fight Club) and yet manages to feel completely fresh. Mr. Robot is the opposite of what we usually associate with the USA Network: It’s a hacker drama with heft, an indie sensibility, an eclectic, techno-synth score, and one of the year’s best performers in Rami Malek. The entire series was one mindf*ck after another, and it’s already set up a promising sophomore season of the most relevant show on TV. — Dustin Rowles