Mr. Robot - Universal Explains Multiple Box Art Images for 'Season 1'


Last week we brought you Universal's announcement that Mr. Robot - Season 1 is coming to stores on DVD and Blu-ray Disc on January 12th. At the time we brought you the package artwork for this title, featuring the "hoodie" key image, with a black background, which is iconic to the show.

Since then, Amazon's pre-order listings (see button link below) have shown additional box art, front and back, for the item...with a "silhouette" look against a white background. Some readers have asked, "which image is correct front cover art for the title?" We've spoken to the studio, who has confirmed our suspicions: the "silhouette" image with the white background is the actual plastic "snap case" box cover itself, and the "hoodie" image with the black background is the outer "o-ring" sleeve which slides over the case (and which is what you'll actually see on store shelves).

Our thanks to Universal for clearing this up for us! Here are all the images (o-ring, inner, and rear), for DVD and for Blu-ray Disc: