The 20 Best TV Performances of 2015


They made us howl. They frightened us. They broke our hearts.

No, we’re not talking about the field of 2016 presidential candidates, but rather the TV performers whose work made an indelible impression on our hearts and minds over the last 12 months.

Yes indeed, get ready for TVLine’s picks for the 20 Best TV Performances of 2015!

Narrowing our list was no easy task — not with the number of mind-bending scenes we witnessed in 2015 — but after much debate and deliberation, we’re confident the 20 performances we selected are nothing less than worthy (even if the Emmys and Golden Globes somehow managed to ignore a good percentage of them).


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USA Network

USA Network

His last line of morphine snorted, the brilliant mind of Malek's Elliot began to melt down, allowing paranoia of passersby and worse to set in. As Elliot went through his motel room detox, Malek employed the usual sweaty twitchiness associated with such a scenario. It was when Elliot started dissociating (further?) from reality, hallucinating the episode's next several acts, that his portrayer took his work to a new level, daring us to not look away when the addict (seemingly) took a grim new plunge with his habit.!12/rami-malek-mr-robot/