TVLine's 10 Best Drama Series of 2015


A paranoid hacker, a butt-kicking private investigator and an infinitely quotable hip-hop mogul walk into a room. But don’t look for a punchline to this setup — instead, get ready for TVLine’s countdown of the 10 Best Drama Series of 2015.


USA Network

USA Network

If the premise for USA Network's summer drama — drug-addled computer genius gets recruited by cyber terrorists (activists?) seeking to destroy the nation's financial institutions — sounded ambitious, the end result proved doubly so. Propelled by a fearlessly harrowing performance by Rami Malek as unreliable narrator Elliot,Mr. Robot took viewers on a paranoid thrill ride that explored the darkest corners of corporate and consumer culture — and included one of the wildest and most meticulously planned twists (which we won't spoil for the uninitiated) in recent TV history.!7/mr-robot-season1/