Best of the Year: The 10 Best New Shows of 2015


After kicking things off with a look at the best broadcast network shows,'s Best of 2015 coverage continues today with a list celebrating the best shows that debuted in 2015. As the TV landscape becomes increasingly crowded, it was difficult to choose just 10 shows, as this year gifted us with a very fine crop of new programs to devour. Below you'll find a spin-off of a beloved series, a superhero, a drug lord, and even a Lifetime drama. 

Here are the best new series of 2015, in no particular order.

Mr. Robot

USA Network

USA Network

No show came out of nowhere to capture the interest of the internet like this hacker drama from USA. (We repeat... USA!) Sure, it was helped by airing during a lull in #PeakTV, but you could put Mr. Robot against anything in 2015 and it would stand tall. What made it unique—in addition to its use of music, editing, camerawork, and presentation—was its respect for the audience's intelligence. Twists were purposefully telegraphed to the viewer but not the characters, making this less about plot and more about the mentally damaged Elliot Alderson and his lashing out against the 1 percent. Not many shows have felt this fresh, new, or relevant in the last 10 years.