The Top 10 Guest Performances of 2015


There were so many great performances on TV this year that we couldn't contain our appreciation to one feature. Case in point, if you haven't yet, please check out our ode to 10 underrated great performances from series regulars. In this one, we're spreading the love to performers who weren't around too much, but made quite the impact nonetheless. These are some of our favorite guest performances of 2015. As always, don't be shy about dropping your own picks (and telling us why ours are garbage) in the comments below.


USA Network

USA Network

Talk about one tough mother. Mr. Robot is a show jam-packed of standout performances, but few people in the cast were as electric as Stephanie Corneliussen. Though it helped that she's otherworldly beautiful, Corneliussen's Joanna also commanded the screen through her efficient, minimalistic intimidation tactics, usually applied to her own creepy husband Tyrell. This was one of those performances where you could see the show discovering, almost in real time, the excellence they stumbled into and subsequently giving the actor more to do.