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It's impossible to narrow down the best dramas of 2015 to just 10 spots, but talking with the crowd these were the shows that kept coming up. Some old reliables saying goodbye, some new shows that blew our socks off, and others that were just hitting their prime. What we're trying to say is, there were like 40 shows worthy of this list, but we winnowed it down to these following NSFW email chains, a few fistfights, and at least one blackmailing. Do you agree or disagree? (Please agree, please agree.)

Mr. Robot

USA Network

USA Network

No new series this year had quite the impact on the cool kids as Mr. Robot, USA's hacker drama that came out of nowhere to blindside critics and hipsters alike. Speaking to a people disgusted with the political and financial climate, Mr. Robot was a perfect fit for the current generation of hacktivists and those watching the 1% pull away. But then Mr. Robot also became about something else entirely, proving it wasn't just pandering to a crowd that wanted to see the fat cats get theirs. Cool tunes, slick presentation, a breakout role for Rami Malek... but the biggest accomplishment? Breaking the Christian Slater curse.