Awards Guide: Inside the 14 Most Nominated TV Shows (So Far)


It's (mostly) a brave new world for television awards. With the Modern Family reign a thing of the past and longtime darlings Breaking Bad and Mad Men signed off, the latest nominations for the Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, Writers Guild and Critics' Choice Awards are highlighting the new core group of comedy and drama series that have the most steam heading into 2016.
There are the obligatory cable darlings (Mr. Robot) and broadcast powerhouses (Empire), but it's streaming that has become an awards force to be reckoned with. Just a few years after their expansion into original content, Netflix, Amazon and even Hulu have series in serious contention — from new standby House of Cards to upstarts such as Aziz Ansari's Master of None and the Jason Reitman sleeper Casual. Streamers represent a good half of the shows to keep in mind during the upcoming kudos, all the way through the Emmys.

Drama: Mr. Robot

USA Network

USA Network

A vigilante hacker finds himself caught between a corporate rock and an anarchic hard place in this breakout USA hit series from creator and head writer Sam Esmail. The series is ridiculous in description but enthralling in execution thanks to brooding lead Rami Malek's natural charisma and his way with Esmail's frequent jeremiads against the powerful and moneyed. — K.U.