Best of 2015: New TV shows - Tampa Bay Times


It's been a big year for television. FX did the math recently, and we had 409 scripted shows to choose from, the most ever. And lots of us aren't even watching television on a television. With more channels and desperate TV execs hungry for viewers, there is a turbulent sea of good-but-not-great TV out there. So how do you choose what to watch? I admit, I couldn't watch everything I wanted to this year. So with help from a couple other loyal TV watchers, here are our picks for the best new series this year:

1. Mr. Robot (USA)

Summer's breakout hit turned out to be the year's best surprise. This cyber thriller kept us guessing till the very end of its debut season, and left us with even more questions. The USA series stars newcomer Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson, a troubled 20-something computer hacker. He pairs up with a man calling himself Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) and his team of cyber vigilantes to take down an evil Google/Enron corporation. Elliot's mental instability takes over and we're not sure who is real and who is not. Your imagination runs wild as the story unfolds and you'll get lost in the show's artistic confidence and originality. Read more about the show here.