Interview Mac Quayle (1)


*Translated from German

The hit series Mr. Robot hijacked several television prizes. Among other actor  Rami Malek gets a lot of praise. Also worthwhile is the music. During the Flanders International Film Festival Ghent composer Mac Quayle came in the flesh for the World Soundtrack Awards. He was nominated for Television Composer of the Year. He did not win, but he took time to talk with Supercalifragilistic.

Besides Mr. Robot wrote Mac Quayle  music for  The People v. OJ Simpson , Scream Queens and  American Horror Story . We can in response to the Golden Age of Television also speak of a Golden Age in terms of television music? According Mac Quayle or because there is a more cinematic approach as regards television music. In his case, however, he has not exactly had the time or the luxury to stop and look at the global music he composes. Much has to do with the deadlines associated with a television episode.

For the last five episodes of Mr. Robot he had only, say, five days before the music. Stress is for him a necessary evil. He just needs to perform under pressure. Fortunately for him, he is in most cases very satisfied with the outcome of such a writing session.

Thanks to the Flanders International Film Festival Ghent, WSA and Jana Davidoff of CW3PR.