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We have more great series because there are more channels, more shows, more outlets than ever before. Because some cable networks don’t need to reach the largest possible audience, they can take risks with something like “Louie,” “Transparent” or “Inside Amy Schumer.”

Networks, realizing they’re the home for “event” television, are going big with shows like “The Wiz Live” and “American Crime” and finding their own pots of gold.

Limiting the list to 10 shows is difficult because web-based series are nudging the numbers. In this year’s list, half come from other than traditional sources.

In order, here’s what we deemed the best of 2015:

3. Mr. Robot(USA) – The best new show of the year tapped into contemporary fears in a way few could have predicted. Following a computer programmer (Rami Malek) as he tried to take down the very people who employ him, “Mr. Robot” twisted like no other. It gave Christian Slater a bit of redemption, too, and made Malek a star to watch. Giving viewers a surprise at the end of the season, creators teed up a second runthat should be just as compelling.