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The third season of of our favourite psychological drama/thriller/confusion fest Mr. Robot is returning this October and we cannot WAIT to find out what happens with literally every character and storyline. Mr. Robot is known for its mega plot twists and big time shocking reveals and we will expect to dramatically gasp a whole bunch during the next batch of episodes as well. We even have a few intriguing theories for what could maybe go down with the Alderson family and their ragtag pals and colleagues. Such intriguing theories include... 

Elliot will survive his shooting and try to take down The Dark Army from the inside
So, spoiler alert, our brilliant, forgetful hero was shot by Tyrell Wellick at the end of the second season finally revealing where that pesky gun disappeared to. Apparently he was just following Mr. Robot’s instructions to kill Elliot if he decides he no longer wants to move forward with the plan to blow up an E Corp building thus murdering hundreds of people. But, as we saw, Elliot was whisked away into the loving arms of Angela and we have a hunch that he’s gonna survive his injuries. He won’t have learned his lesson though about not following through with plans. We bet he’s going to assume the role of dutiful hacker but secretly be destroying the Dark Army from within. He’ll be a double agent of sorts and who knows maybe he’ll be able to do some serious damage, that is as long as he doesn’t forget that he’s a double agent of sorts again. 

Angela will become a key member of The Dark Army
Speaking of being dutiful, we foresee Angela being the most dutiful evildoer around this season as she gets comfortable in her new position as… whatever position she has in The Dark Army. Perhaps she’s just on Elliot watch? Or maybe she’ll be a liaison between the Fsociety crew and Whiterose? Or she’ll keep schmoozing Phillip Price and get him to accomodate Whiterose’s demands even further? The possibilities are endless for the ambitious blonde firecracker. She worked her way up the ranks of E Corp in rapid speed and we think she’ll do the same in The Dark Army. She’s so full of gusto. She might even start liking the Washington Township Plant! 

Darlene will start working as a spy for the FBI
After learning that Elliot was in cahoots with Tyrell Wellick and had been the ENTIRE time we could see that Darlene was a bit shaken. She hates nothing more than being betrayed by those closest to her. She was also rather impressed by FBI Agent Dom’s investigative work. Since she can’t exactly trust Elliot any longer we suspect that she might end up becoming an undercover employee of the Federal Bureau of Investigation so she can get lots of dirt on Whiterose and The Dark Army and Tyrell and then report back to the authorities in hopes of getting revenge on the people who killed her love Cisco and also in hopes of freeing Elliot from their vicious claws. 

FBI Agent Dom DiPierro will be seriously injured on assignment
Agent DiPierro’s job is getting more and more dangerous as the series continues. There was that huge surprise shootout last season and we predict more surprise shootouts this season. We know that she’s a workaholic and that when she’s left to her own leisurely devices she gets so depressed that she goes on dating sites. She can’t even take a nap without having a breakdown. We think that this struggle will be maximized by her getting a bullet in the hip or the back or the shoulder which will force her to take some time off and do desk work and fix the world from her bed. Resting and healing will drive her crazy but knowing Dom she’ll still manage to grab her gun and head straight into danger on crutches. With Darlene as her cool back-up? 

Tyrell Wellick will not reunite with his wife and focus instead on his mission
Joanna Wellick was not a happily married woman when she discovered that it was Scott Knowles sending her gifts and cryptic messages and breathing into phones and not her husband. She still doesn’t know what’s going on with Tyrell and wonders if he’s dead or alive and Tyrell doesn’t seem too concerned with contacting her. The guy is super dedicated to his Dark Army work and E Corp vengeance scheme and although Joanna was once the apple of his eye she is no longer a priority for him. He’s taken a vacation from his family and we think that he will desert them permanently. He might even say it to Joanna’s face who will be even less of a happily married woman. Maybe she’ll take her own revenge in the form of teaming up with Phillip Price to crush Tyrell for good or maybe she’ll send her muscular and easily manipulated boyfriend Derek after Tyrell which will in turn get muscular Derek killed by the Dark Army? 

Phillip Price will continue to obey Whiterose’s orders until he doesn’t and is... removed
The E Corp CEO is already getting REAL frustrated with Minister Zheng’s controlling attitude and we predict that his frustration will only increase. Price does after all want to be the most powerful man in the room/the world and he does not like to be told what to do and he definitely doesn’t like being threatened. We anticipate that he’ll comply with Minister Zheng’s demands until his frustration explodes and he pushes back and refuses to complete a requested task (mostly because of pride and ego) and suddenly Price will oddly disappear... wink wink wink. Meanwhile, Whiterose will reveal why she needs the Washington Township Plant so bad and the reveal will be terrifying. Maybe it’s because she’s developing some kind of new weapon involving some kind of poison which she’ll use on some kind of enemy? Terrifying, right?!? 

Mobley and Trenton will return to the show in hopes of saving the planet
One of the best parts of the season two finale was the post-credit scene featuring former Fsociety members Mobley and Trenton eating lunch at a Fry’s Electronics store in California where they work under the generic fake names of “Frederick” and “Tanya”. During this lunchtime conversation we learned that Trenton had maybe made a discovery that could maybe reverse EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED. Like, ALL of the problems. And society could return to the way it was -- problematic but not self-destructing entirely. We guess that the pair will attempt to return home to put their plan into action but since Dark Army assassin Leon is already onto them (he did ask for the time) they might not make it all the way home. Or only one of them might not. Mobley could die enroute but Trenton could persevere and attempt planet saving. 

And of course the city/world will fall further into shambles
Blackouts are a common occurrence now. Also, constant crime and stores not having food to sell and businesses going out of business right, left, and centre. The peril will only grow and multiply and worsen and the tragedy will increase greatly and we can’t wait to see it happen!