Golden Globes 2016: Who's Going to Win


Winning a Golden Globe doesn't have the same cachet as getting an Oscar or an Emmy, but the awards ceremony itself is often more entertaining, for one big reason: It's unpredictable. The stars are boozed-up, the atmosphere's informal, and the outcomes are … well, sometimes pretty bizarre. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is a small organization, and keeps both its membership and its voting practices shrouded in mystery. It's often hard to make sense of its choices, because shadowy cabals would rather not explain themselves.

The best any intrepid prognosticator can do, in fact, is to try to discern some patterns. For example. when it comes to the motion picture categories, the Globes function in part as an Oscar rehearsal, giving the year's most obvious front-runners a chance to practice their speeches and to secure their positions on the road to the Academy Awards. But the HFPA also likes to make movie stars happy, and has been known to honor actors like Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio well before Oscar voters do. On the television side, meanwhile, the Golden Globes seem committed to zigging where the Emmys zag — always looking to be the first to spot the next hot property rather than handing out prizes to the same shows year after year.

With all that in mind, and with the caveat that this year's batch of Globe nominees is one of the craziest and most infuriating in recent memory, here are some reasonable guesses as to what's going to happen this Sunday night. 

Best Drama Series
Nominees: Empire; Game of Thrones; Mr. Robot; Narcos; Outlander
Prediction: Mr. Robot
In the past, the Globes have been better at recognizing our current golden age of television than the Emmys have. But this year? Let's just say that as good as most of these nominees are, collectively they don't really capture what was a fantastic 2015 for TV. It's hard to read the HFPA's mind here, but Mr. Robot would be a gutsy selection — and the organization does like to be bold.