TV's year of plenty: 2015 broke all records for producing great shows - or any at all

USA Network

USA Network


Feel like you couldn’t keep up with all of the television this year? That wasn’t your imagination.

The number of scripted shows produced for 2015 topped 400, far more television than anyone could possibly consume – and then there are the dozens of unscripted shows.

Even if only a small percentage of those were excellent, that is a lot of worthwhile TV crammed into 12 months. More good series were made in 2015 than in any year previously – more than in some decades (I’m looking at you, 1970s).

A top 10 list seems entirely too miserly to measure this remarkable output. So here are my 24 favorites of 2015.


“Mr. Robot,” USA Dark, grim and fascinating, “Mr. Robot” gave us a view of mental illness from the inside out.