Top 10 Television Shows in 2015 - Nerdcore Movement


It’s almost cliché at this point to say that we are in the golden age of television because everybody seems to ring that bell when talking about the creative work put onto the small screen over the last few years, but it’s hard not to use that phrase because the writing, directing and acting on TV these days in many ways is superior as a whole than what’s going on in theaters.

There are more choices now than ever before and shows aren’t solely judged by network ratings on the night of the broadcast. Instead, many networks are starting to look more and more at delayed viewing experiences as well as critical reception.

Sure, it’s tough to find time to watch all the great television happening in the world today (I’m ashamed to say I still haven’t seen Transparent or Empire) but the options are better than ever before and there are things happening on the small screen that even the best filmmakers would be hard pressed to produce in a movie.

It’s hard to whittle down a list to just 10 shows in total — along with a few honorable mentions — but this is what we watched this year that had us glued to the TV each and every week or in many cases cost us days at a time as we binge watched without regard for personal hygiene or the phone that kept ringing and we refused to answer.



USA Network

USA Network

One part Hackers, one part Fight Club and a whole lot of originality were packed into this summer hit from Sam Esmail that focused on a computer hacker named Elliott (with breakout star Rami Malek playing the part) with the social skills somewhere south of Dexter Morgan. Elliott gets caught up with a hacker group called F-Society that wants nothing more than to bring the financial fat cats who run the world down to their knees, particularly a powerful conglomerate known as E-Corp — or for the sake of this show ‘Evil Corp’.

Everything on the series is seen through Elliott’s eyes from his interactions with co-workers and friends to the voice that’s heard in his head from the start of the first episode all the way through the finale. Elliott is teamed up with the mysterious leader from F-Society named Mr. Robot (played wonderfully by Christian Slater), who coaches and parents the computer prodigy throughout the first season until a mind bending last couple of episodes that twist and turn the series on its head.

The casting in this show also went a long way to telling the story (that was originally imagined as a movie) with special nods to Carly Chalkin, Martin Wallstrom, and Stephanie Corneliussen for really ratcheting up the acting on this series in their crucial roles alongside Malek and Slater all season long. 

Mr. Robot set the bar awfully high in 2015 and there’s little doubt that this will be one of the most anticipated shows to return next year. For a freshman run, Mr. Robot really was on par with the best single seasons in television history. It was that good.