'Mr. Robot' wraps first season

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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- USA's "Mr. Robot" (10 tonight) wraps its first season tonight with an episode that star Rami Malek, who plays drug-addicted hallucinator Elliot, said ends on a cliffhanger. Maybe.

"It depends on how you view things," he said at an NBC party earlier this month at Spago.

Doesn't it always with "Mr. Robot."

In recent weeks the series has offered several revelations, including that the Christian Slater character, AKA Mr. Robot, is actually Elliot's deceased father. And fellow hacker Darlene (Carly Chaiken "Suburgatory") is his sister. Unless they're not.

"I think there will be more conclusive evidence for everyone's theory," Malek said a week before the Mr. Robot reveal episode aired.

Some "Mr. Robot" fans have long-speculated that the Christian Slater character does not exist, a la Tyler Durden in "Fight Club." I bought into that theory for a while but in other episodes viewers saw Mr. Robot meet and have a conversation with Darlene, which, if he was in Elliot's imagination, wouldn't Elliot have to have been present for that scene, too?

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No matter, I'm usually confused watching "Mr. Robot" anyway, but I do appreciate consistency and adherence to the rules created in one's universe.

"He's a very bright young man and I think he exists in a world where he sees a lot of things that get blurted out of individuals' mouths and to him maybe it feels like nonsense and so he's very particular about the way he wants to use his brilliant mind," Malek said of his character. 

Malek has garnered accolades for this role and perhaps to the general public he's a new face but he's actually been acting for more than a decade, including roles in HBO's "The Pacific," where I first took note of him, and on "24."

"People are calling me a newcomer and I've been at this for a while, grinding away," Malek said. "To get that kind of appreciation is not something I yearn for but it fills me with a sense of pride, not only for what I'm doing but I know I'm part of a special show and it's a privilege and a gift to play Elliot and have it be written by a guy as talented as [series creator] Sam Esmail, who has a really unique vision." 

As for the season finale, viewers are advised not to hold their breath for answers.

"It's all a very elaborate story and I will say that everything is done with a particular purpose and motivation," Malek said, "so you will get answers but at the same time the looking glass is through Eliot so as invested as one is in the way he see things, that’s a perspective you'll have to ride as an audience member."