'Mr Robot' and Awards Season

USA Network

USA Network


It's one thing to find other people who share a love for Mr. Robot. When you see how much critical acclaim the show continues to receive...is a whole other level. Due to the timing of the series premiere, Mr. Robot was not eligible for Emmys nominations. Fingers crossed for next year. However, other awards shows have recognized how special this show is. The team behind the awards campaign also deserves a congratulations. Awards campaigns aren't easy. Thank you to all who are working so hard this awards season. So far we have the Gotham Awards win. Here's hoping that Mr. Robot will take home awards as awards season continues. 

Posters on display at a Mr. Robot screening/Q&A. Photos courtesy of @UniversalCore11

Billboards throughout LA. 

And FYC advertisements on trade websites like Variety and The Hollywood Reporter

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