Democracy Is Comin' To The USA: 5 Burning Questions About The 'Mr. Robot' Season 3 Trailer


Hello, friend. The first Mr. Robot Season 3 trailer is here and, in the true spirit of the show, it's difficult to figure out what the hell is going on. Maintaining the narrative's unique flavor, the trailer confirms Elliot's survival (but little else) while providing plenty of mysterious spice for the new season. Let's dissect the five burning questions left by the trailer and its creepy voiceover, promising "Democracy is comin' to the USA."

WARNING: Major Mr. Robot spoilers to follow.

1. Why Is Tyrell With Philip Price?

Easily one of the most exciting facets of the trailer is the prominence of Tyrell Wellick. After a riveting performance in Season 1, Tyrell was absent for most of Season 2. Tyrell's ambition once rested in his ruthless climb up the E Corp ladder. When E Corp CEO Philip Price fired Tyrell from the company, Tyrell went rogue and played an integral role in both the E Corp hack and its aftermath, the full extent of which partly remains a mystery.

Tyrell's actions largely spawn from a vendetta against Price and E Corp tossing him aside like nothing after all the sacrifices he made (at least in his mind) for the good of the company. On the other hand, Price seeks to maintain E Corp's dominance in the wake of the hack and further his quest to basically become the most powerful person in the world.

It therefore seems unlikely, if not impossible, that Tyrell and Price would be working together in any capacity. Yet, the Season 3 trailer shows the two characters in the same room at 0:14. It looks like they're in the home of Tyrell and his enigmatic wife Joanna Wellick. It's mind boggling to think about either of these characters teaming up at this point, but Mr. Robot has never been afraid to take risks and such daring moves almost always pay off for the show.

2. Is Dom Going To Turn Darlene Into A Mole?

With Darlene in FBI custody, last season ended with a perfect WTF moment as audiences realized the extent to which Dom and the FBI had figured out the real story behind the E Corp hack. Darlene's fearless leadership of fsociety, the steps she took to make the hack happen and cripple E Corp further, as well as cover fsociety's tracks the whole way seemed to go up in flames with Dom's revelation.

The Season 3 trailer shows Darlene crying and literally backed against a wall. She can also be seen peeking through the peephole in a door. These actions and the way things ended with her character last season hint that Dom will try to turn Darlene into a mole, let her go free on the condition that she provides information on Elliot, the Dark Army and what remains of fsociety. Darlene will never surrender that easily, but Season 2 also proved Dom is as tough and brilliant as anyone on the show.

3. Is Bobby Cannavale's Character Working For White Rose And The Dark Army?

USA Network

USA Network

One of the new characters in Season 3 is played by Bobby Cannavale. Sporting big glasses and a thick mustache along with his suit and tie, the trailer provides our first look at his character while standing in front of two gun-toting individuals wearing Dark Army masks. #USANetwork describes his character Irving as "a laconic, no-nonsense used car salesman."

It may seem difficult to reconcile that description with the first look in the trailer, but everyone and everything tends to be more than what they initially appear in #MrRobot. White Rose is a busy individual and needs others to carry out the Dark Army plans on an everyday basis. Perhaps Cannavale's character is such a person and the Dark Army member Elliot will interact with the most in Season 3.

4. What's With The Military Presence?

At 0:51 in the trailer, military personnel can be seen manning a security checkpoint on the streets of New York City. Season 2 did a fantastic job demonstrating the effects of the hack — from government officials and corporate bigwigs to everyday folk — but military presence is something we've never seen on the show before.

With Tyrell and the Dark Army taking matters to a violent level that Elliot tried to stop in the Season 2 finale, the military may be called in to prevent more large-scale violence from occurring. Increased military presence can also add fuel to the fire of the oppression caused by governments and corporations, the very thing fsociety sought to expose and correct. An argument for bringing true democracy back is strengthened with the military presence perceived as an oppressive force.

5. Will Season 3 Dive Into Biological Warfare?

Violence may not be the only radical next step of the revolution. At 0:04 in the trailer it looks like a hooded Elliot walks through a New York City subway station in disarray. Almost everyone around him is wearing a surgical mask over their mouths. It's a strange sight to see so many folks in NYC wearing surgical masks over their faces in addition to the extent of disarray in that station. Could biological warfare be a new stage of the revolution?

Infecting scores of people — many of whom aren't part of the problem created by governments and corporations — seems like a terrible idea antithetical to the mission of fsociety. However, with Tyrell, White Rose and the Dark Army in prominent positions at the end of Season 2, radical options such as biological warfare are more plausible. If they feel it serves their cause — even if unleashing biological weapons isn't about the targets so much as the psychological manipulation of the public — it might be executed. It may seem like a stretch but could possibly explain what's going on in that shot of the subway station.

We're only a couple months from getting some answers, even though those answers will likely lead to more questions in true Mr. Robot fashion.

Season 3 of Mr. Robot premieres October 11, 2017 on USA Network.