Could This Subtle EvilCorp Easter Egg In 'Mr. Robot' Have Implications For Season 3?


"Please tell me you're seeing this too?" Elliot Alderson's unreliable narration in Mr. Robot is a clever narrative device. Not only does it grab you by the shoulders and pull you into the paranoid, capitalist-hating world of fsociety, it also keeps viewers on their toes, requiring constant vigilance to work out what is really going on.

A classic example of this was the huge twist reveal in Mr. Robot Season 2, as the world Elliot (Rami Malek) created was fictional, a guise for us viewers only, to hide the reality of his incarceration. Although that turned out to be a big illusion, we've usually got some idea of when Elliot is playing tricks on us, or hiding the truth.

That's because in the scenes he is involved in, we are seeing through Elliot's eyes, hearing through his ears. Take, for example, the term "EvilCorp." Only the audience knows ECorp by that moniker, because it's how Elliot himself refers to them. The phrase EvilCorp is only ever mentioned when Elliot is involved in a scene that we're viewing from his perspective; any other time, ECorp are referred to as The Company.

A Subtle Reference To Evil Corp In 'Mr. Robot'

But wait. Reddit user Silverslip has found something of interest: In a scene where Angela is hacking into the ECorp server (S02E09), a peculiar looking filename appears on screen:

USA Network

USA Network

Angela is hacking into the server to find out more information on the Toxic Gas Leak that caused the death of her mother, as well as Elliot's mother. The filename, Evilcorp_Press-WT, refers to Elliot's own nickname for ECorp. But Elliot isn't there. So what could be going on, and will it influence Mr. Robot Season 3? Here are a few theories rated by how far-fetched they may appear.

It's A Production Error

Admittedly, it's not the most exciting explanation, but the reason for this is included is worth mentioning. Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail is notoriously meticulous when it comes to the little details. He wouldn't add a reference like this for no reason — deliberately. Which means, if this was put there on purpose, it'll have some significance.

Elliot Planted The File There

We already know Elliot has hacked the ECorp system in the past, so it'd make sense if he planted the file with his own personal twist. The question is, if this is the case, did he plant it knowing Angela would pick it up? Or was it a file he'd planted earlier? Could this even be a virus he used to hack into the network?

The Entire Show Is Told As Elliot Understands It

This leads us on to the next plausible explanation: This file is evidence that it isn't just scenes including Elliot that are shown via his perspective — the whole show is. It could be that Elliot is retelling the story to the viewers as he understands it, rather than scenes involving Darlene, or White Rose, or the FBI being witnessed first hand.

Crucially, if this is the case, it means we can't take anything for granted. In fact, can we really trust any of the events in Mr. Robot happened as we've been told?

Angela Is Another Of Elliot's Identities

Considering her level of interaction with other key characters, and her importance to the show, this is unlikely. But, this is Mr. Robot, and the show feels like it has been foreshadowing another Mr. Robot-esque reveal for a while now. There's still some confusion over Tyrell, and whether he is real or imagined. Well, what if Angela is another identity? Perhaps she died due to the Washington Township leak?

Is this a mistake? Or is there more to the EvilCorp reference in Mr. Robot?