Amid so much binge-worthy TV, Christian Slater is 'thrilled' about his Golden Globe nomination

Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times


USA Network’s “Mr. Robot” is nothing if not chock-full of surprises – for the first season, we weren’t quite sure if Christian Slater’s “anarchist hacktivist” was real or a figment of the lead actor Rami Malek's imagination.  

Slater’s Golden Globe nomination for best supporting actor this morning, however, is very much a concrete thing.

“I’m thrilled. But yeah, it was absolutely unexpected,” Slater said from his Los Angeles hotel room this morning. “I love the HFPA, they’re a fantastic group. And to be included in this kind of list -- it’s a phenomenal honor.”

That the show itself wasn’t included among the Golden Globes nominees in the best TV drama category (an honor it won last year) – might be an outgrowth of how much “bingeable TV” is out there, Slater says.

“I think it’s hard with all the new shows that come out, you know, it’s really is an embarrassment of riches,” he said. “The show was so beautifully acknowledged last year and it’s nice to give some room and acknowledgement to some of the other wonderful shows out there.”

So what’s Slater watching these days?

“The O.J. show ['The People v. O.J. Simpson'] was incredible,” he said. “I thought [fellow Globe nominee] John Travolta was amazing, and Sarah Paulson, just breathtaking. ‘Better Call Saul,’ too, and ‘Mom.’ And especially ‘Game of Thrones.’ I’m a huge fan, I’m totally into it. I’m definitely a member of the binge-watching generation.”