Top 15 Television Shows of 2015


Television has been enjoying a golden age unlike any other in the history of the medium. With A-list actors making their way to cable programs, event series reducing the number of filler episodes, and the sheer expansion of creative programming thanks to Amazon and Netflix joining the fray, TV is no longer just TV, it is now destination viewing. From binge-watching to cliffhanger endings, 2015 was a stellar year for series and here is our ranking of the 15 best shows to grace our screens, big and small

#10 - Mr. Robot

USA Network

USA Network

As soon as you see the words USA Network attached to a show, you probably disregard it as generic or formulaic. Mr. Robot breaks that cycle by delivering a series that is absolutely unlike anything the network as ever produced before. With a look and feel like something from a David Fincher film, Mr. Robot is a cross between THE SOCIAL NETWORK and FIGHT CLUB with a little HACKERS thrown in for good measure. Rami Malek is brilliant as the lead character of Elliott along with Christian Slater doing some of his best work in a long, long time. Binge watch this series as soon as possible. You will not be disappointed.