The 10 Best New TV Shows of 2015 - IndieWire


So much of this year's great television came from brand spankin' new series, so this was not an easy list to trim to 10. So we didn't.

3. "Mr. Robot"

USA Network

USA Network

When we look back at 2015, it may stand out as the year when television really embraced cinematic flavor, and "Mr. Robot" may be the crowning jewel of that achievement. (Yes, "The Knick" Season 1 happened in 2014, but c'mon, be cool, y'all.) Creator Sam Esmail took his talented cast, including the captivating Rami Malek, on a journey through paranoia and self-delusion that also just so happened to be one of the best-filmed shows on the air this year. The only thing keeping this show from ascending to the highest of heights is the fact that there's more than one plot twist which might feel overly familiar and/or predictable. But once you get past that, "Mr. Robot" was a real highlight of the year.