Samantha Bee Parodies Hacking Scandals in ‘Mr. Robot’ Homage ‘Ms. Robot’ – Watch


Samantha Bee wants to let you know that there is a chance that we are all being watched right now. In an episode of “Full Frontal” the host parodied “Mr. Robot” to warn about the surveillance state.

“Since the election, Americans have an ever-growing list of things to be freaked out about,” Bee said on Monday’s episode. “So I asked Ashley Nicole Black to add one more thing.”

The parody is titled “Ms. Robot” and stars Black, writer and correspondent for “Full Frontal,” explaining how it’s important to encrypt your day-to-day communications and trying to get more information on how to do it.

“The government surveils communities they believe oppose them,” she explains in the video. “When Donald Trump becomes president, they might come after you. Also, everyone who didn’t like his last tweet. Ugh. Am I being too paranoid?”

Black then speaks to ACLU technology expert Chris Soghoian who states that Trump will “inherit the most powerful surveillance machine ever built” and that “President Obama thought that these tools would be used responsibly, but there’s really a range of awful people out there trying to violate your privacy.”

So what is one solution to protecting ourselves against someone violating our privacy?

“There’s a scene at the end of ‘Dark Knight,’” says Soghoian.

“Familiar,” responds Black, adding, “Morgan Freeman destroys a surveillance machine that Batman built because it’s too dangerous.”

“We need the President to be Morgan Freeman,” continues Soghoian, with Black saying in the voiceover, “But he won’t because Morgan Freeman has already been the President like 12 times. We need to learn to protect ourselves.”

The parody ends with a music video titled “A Music Video for White People (And Everyone)” where she warns to “encrypt your sh*t.” Watch the entire video below.