‘Mr. Robot’ Trailer: Elliot Is Alive, But Season 3 Might Just Kill Him

USA Network

USA Network


Elliot has survived a prison stint and a possibly fatal gunshot wound, but “Mr. Robot” just showed that he’s nowhere near being out of the woods yet.

The hit USA drama series released its first full look at its third season and it hints that Elliot’s various enemies — the federal government, the world’s biggest conglomerate and his own subconscious — are very much on his tail. Rami Malek returns as the show’s star, alongside Season 3’s most notable newcomer: Bobby Cannavale.

The deep Season 2 ensemble also coming back for more also includes Christian Slater (as the enigmatic Mr. Robot himself), Carly Chaikin (as Elliot’s sister Darlene), Portia Doubleday (intrepid double-crosser Angela), Grace Gummer (FBI Dom DiPierro) and Martin Wallström (loyalty-shifting ex-SVP Tyrell Wellick). B.D. Wong also scored an Emmy-nomination this year for his portrayal of Dark Army hacker Whiterose.

Show creator and executive producer Sam Esmail is also back leading the charge this season. After the herculean 12-episode run last year (of which Esmail directed all dozen), this season’s output will be scaled back to 10 installments.

Sadly, there’s no sign of the Fry’s Electronics store that made a cameo in the Season 2 epilogue, but we’re hoping that Trenton, Mobley and Leon will fully hop back into the story sooner rather than later.

Watch the full Season 3 trailer below:

“Mr. Robot” Season 3 premieres on USA in October 2017.