The 20 Best TV Shows of 2015 - IGN


Gotta be honest with you. This was a freakin' tough year. Peak TV is no joke. I seriously considered doing two lists. One for regular broadcast (network, cable, and premium) and then one for streaming. Like a Top 20 main list and then a separate Top 10-ish rundown for the Netflix/Amazon brood. Because I'm leaving out so much good stuff. So the struggle was all too real in 2015.

That being that, I still worked up a suitable spotlight for all the great televisual goings-on over these past 12 months. It's a shame that I have yet to watch Transparent's second season (drops a couple days from now) or that I simply didn't have time to catch The Returned's return to Sundance - as both of those shows ranked very high for me in the past.

But man - what a year. Spies, hackers, witches, superheroes, cannibals, ice demons, Tiny Ricks. It was a grab bag of awesome. With the over-arching headline here being the frontal assault/influx of streaming series. Six of these 20 (and two of my honorable mentions) are from streaming providers.

First off, the shows that got bumped. And keep in mind too - this is only my first "didn't quite make it" tier. I had a few levels of honorable mentions, but this is the cream. Orange is the New Black sadly just misses the cut, once again, as fellow Netflix original Kimmy Schmidt also joined the fray. The CW's The Flash and The 100 made for some superbly sinister sci-fi soapiness and Black Sails' second season brought in a really engrossing, emotional arc that helped shape the entire series.

2. Mr. Robot (USA)

USA Network

USA Network

From out of freakin' nowhere this summer came USA's Mr. Robot. From Sam Esmail, this show was a combination of many things (borrowing most generously from David Fincher projects) but - at the same time - something wholly absorbing and different. A one-of-a-kind look at the life of a paranoid, vigilante hacker and the mysterious man trying to recruit him for a global "hacktivist" project designed to bring evil, greedy corporations to their knees. A scintillating, must-watch experience featuring primo performances from Christian Slater and star Rami Malek.