BD Wong Not Staying Hush-Hush About Enigmatic "Mr. Robot" Role

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From amoral genetic engineers to a leader of international hackers, actor BD Wong has made a science of showbiz success. The past few months have been particularly rewarding. Not only did he get to reprise Dr. Henry Wu, a character he played 22 years earlier in the original Jurassic Park, for Jurassic World — which bows on Amazon video Oct. 20 — he also played the enigmatic Whiterose, head of the Dark Army of hackers on USA's hit "Mr. Robot."

Wong reveals to IMDb why he was initially reluctant to take on the part and shares what he knows about Whiterose's role in Season 2.— Scott Huver

“ IMDb: It was not a bad summer for you! Along with appearing in the year's highest grossing film, you got some amazing notices for "Mr. Robot."

BD Wong: The ["Mr. Robot"] job came to me rather last minute. It was a lot of hush-hush about where the character was going or what the character was. It was very much like the Jurassic Parkmovies. In fact, this was the only TV version of the hush-hush security thing that I've ever experienced.

It was the first TV project in which I was not allowed to understand, read the script, or be told even very fundamental details of what was happening. So, shooting it was a little maddening, but the sense that this was a project that everyone was talking about and that it was on the brink of something was palpable.

Watching it all unfold has been really great for me. It's been really satisfying, especially now with social media and all of the actions on social media in response, because the "Mr. Robot" audience is the social media audience. So, they're all alive and on fire about this series, in particular about this particular character. And that's great. I loved it. ”

“ Are you still in the dark?

I am totally in the dark! I think I can say that I was approached at a very early stage about the possibility of being in Season 2. I have not been reapproached. And I do not have any knowledge that that would actually happen. I think that season finale indicates that it would be weird if it didn't happen. But that's for [series creator] Sam Esmail to figure out. ”

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“ How about playing a trans character on TV at this particular moment in time? You became known earlier in your career for playing a trans character in "M. Butterfly" on Broadway.

Yeah, thanks for bringing that up. I was really scared of her. It was right in the moment with Caitlyn [Jenner] and all of that ... And because Sam was so hush-hush about what it actually was, I was very nervous about it. I don't want to make a trans villain. I don't want to play a person that's masquerading. I don't want to take a job away from a trans actor. And I don't want to dismiss the seriousness or the greatness of how trans people are emerging in the media. I don't want any part of it. 

So, he had to do a little bit of talking to me to kind of get me to understand that he was not looking for any of those things. He was looking for an authentic person. And I hope that he continues to draw her out as an authentic person. I will be there with him every step of the way if he does. ”

“ Speaking of returns, your Jurassic Worlddirector Colin Trevorrowhas suggested this is a trilogy, and your character is left in a very juicy place at the end of the movie. Do you see him emerging as an even bigger force in the sequel?

Sure. I guess there's no harm in saying that! You never know what's going to happen in that helicopter. It could just crash or something, and then that's it, the end of it ... But yeah, I could see that. I would think that would be really fun. It would be fun to have a great death. Might as well go for it: Ask for a great death if you're going to be the villain! ”