Mr. Robot Season 2: Rami Malek, Sam Esmail Reveal Whiterose Spoilers Before Release Date

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USA Network


The Mr. Robot season 2 release date is the better part of a year away, but that doesn’t mean the Mr. Robot cast hasn’t been canoodling among the media circuit and slipping some season 2 spoilers along the way.

Vulture caught up to Rami Malek and Sam Esmail, the Mr. Robot showrunner, while at the IFP Gotham Independent Film Awards and managed to pull two very juicy quotes from the pair that shed some light on Mr. Robot season 2.

"I will say this, it doesn't get any easier for any one of the characters on the show — especially myself," Malek said to Vulture. "After [Sam] pitched me this season, I called my agents and said, I don't really feel inclined to do anything between now and then. Because it's going to require a lot of energy."

Considering that Malek is already so dedicated to his role as Elliott on Mr. Robot that not even ear bleeds stop him from delivering voiceover lines, Malek canceling the possibility of any other roles during the filming of Mr. Robot season 2 is nothing to scoff at.

Vulture also managed to speak to Esmail, and pulled a quote from the creator of Mr. Robot that seems to hint at more involvement on the part of Whiterose, played by BD Wong in season 2 of Mr. Robot.

“[BD Wong] is amazing in the first season,” Esmail said to Vulture. I'd be a fool not to bring him back.”

Whiterose is already an elusive character on the show, showing his chameleon like tendencies during the very last scene of season 1 of Mr. Robot, when him and Philip Price, the head honcho at Evil Corp. played by Michael Cristofer, met for cigars and liquor at a members only country club that could only be described as a modern day reimagining of the Illuminati trope.

There is still no hint as to what happened to Tyrell Wellick, played by Martin Wallström, but Christian Slater is confirmed to be returning to season 2 of Mr. Robot at least forflashback scenes.

Mr. Robot: Season One will be released on Blu-ray and DVD Jan. 12 according to the Mr. Robot Amazon page, although the show is currently available to be purchased and streamed online via Amazon Video. If paying $24.99 for a season pass on Amazon Video isn’t your style, Mr. Robot season 1 is still available to be streamed online for free via Hulu or USA’s website by logging in with a participating TV provider.