'Mr. Robot' vs. 'True Detective' & More From This Summer's New TV Season

USA Network

USA Network


Who were the big winners and losers of this Summer's new television season?

If you haven't noticed, television's Golden Age has been alchemized into the Platinum Era. Where you once caught Tony Soprano or Rachel Green on your regularly scheduled program, you can now sneak a peek at Tyrion Lannister or Maura Pfefferman on the convenience of your digital and mobile device. Times are a changing and the sheer volume of high quality programming and the ways in which we devour them are changing too.

As a result, it's impossible for any one viewer to stay up to date on every single new offering. Like a zombie from "Fear The Walking Dead," we may binge ourselves but eventually we just can't handle anymore. So to help recap as the summer television season officially comes to a close, here are a few winners and losers from the past few months.


"Mr. Robot" - USA Network

I've written about "Mr. Robot" before, but when you find a show that can crack your circuits with ease like this hacker drama can, it's worth doubling down. "Mr. Robot" is one part "Matrix" and one part "Fight Club" with its reality-questioning musings only out-crazied by its engaging and unreliable narrator, Elliot Anderson (Rami Malek).

In Elliot, viewers are given a protagonist who parallels the schizophrenia of the Internet Age and in Malek, the show is given a top-notch performer to act as the emotional anchor. Everything about "Mr. Robot," from its format and score to its characterizations and pacing, is unique. To put it into simple 1s and 0s, "Mr. Robot" is the best show of the summer.

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