Mr. Robot season 3, episode 7 recap: Placing blame

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In eps3.6_fredrick+tanya.chk, Mr. Robot brings back some familiar faces and Angela has a breakdown.

Mr. Robot brings the return of Leon, Trenton and Mobley in the opening scene. Leon is supposedly there to keep them safe and just rambles on a bit about the Night Rider theme song. He also kills Mobley’s roommate. It’s a fun way to bring him back into the show. “Moment of Truth” plays as they head out to the desert to bury the roommate. It’s an excellent music choice. Trenton then tries to drive away, leaving Leon behind, but doesn’t get very far before driving into a giant rock. Because she does that, Leon makes them finish digging the grave.

Elliot being distraught by the bombings leads him straight to Krista. Mr. Robot isn’t thrilled about that and he’s the one who ends up talking to her. Krista tells a colleague, Chad Davidovitz, about Elliot/Mr. Robot being involved, but he reminds her that she can’t report anything unless there’s a threat made for future harm.

Dom and Agent Santiago have a chat with Tyrell’s lawyer, who wants immunity for his client in exchange for names. Dom and Santiago then have a little fight privately and she’s reminded that she’s not the boss. Santiago later informs Tyrell that his wife is dead and his son is in foster care. He’s completely cruel about it to Tyrell. The emotion on Tyrell’s face makes it hard to not feel bad for him.

The bombing sent Angela into what just might be one of the biggest downward spirals we’ve seen on Mr. Robot. Elliot has had his fair share of them, but Angela is asking Darlene if she thinks the dead people are okay. Angela has had one of the best storylines in this show. She’s been through a lot and it’s not close to being over for her.

USA Network

USA Network

Mr. Robot pays a visit to Irving and ends up waking up in the backseat of a car. The dynamic that Bobby Cannavale and Christian Slater have on screen is wonderful. They’re two interesting characters who are very particular in what they say and do. It would be great to see more of these two together.

Phillip pays a visit to Whiterose again. His purple-ish tie fits well with the purple lighting in the room and I’m sure that’s not unintentional. Phillip can’t stay composed at the table and causes a bit of a scene. Meanwhile Whiterose is the complete opposite: completely calm.

We learn that Mobley and Trenton have been going by Fredrick and Tanya and that they’re the ones Tyrell identified. This certainly explains their return better than just being with Leon. While they’re in a garage, the FBI is breaching a house. It’s clever to make it look like they’re going to be caught, even though it’s highly unlikely that the Dark Army would be that foolish. They’re in the right place, but they’re too late to save Trenton and Mobley, who are sacrificed for the cause.

Mr. Robot never ceases with the surprises. The Dark Army uses Mobley and Trenton to get the FBI off of their back for a bit, but it’s not totally clear why they chose to frame those two. They’d been off the grid for a while and I honestly wasn’t expecting the to return in this way. Overall, this was a solid episode that didn’t focus too much on Elliot/Mr. Robot and it didn’t need to. There’s plenty of story to be told with the supporting cast.