Mr. Robot season 3, episode 6 recap: Showdown

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USA Network


Mr. Robot brings an intense struggle between Elliot and Mr. Robot. Who will win in the end?

Mr. Robot starts off with a flashback going back to when Angela was a kid. Her mom is sick and Mr. Alderson comes over to keep her company. They talk a bit and then Angela goes to tell her mom that the party is weird. One thing of note that Elliot’s dad did say was that if he was ever not around, Angela should just give him a little push. She’s certainly doing that in the present day, which we’ve seen quite a bit this season.

From there, the show picks up right where the previous episode left off. Elliot is freaking out while Angela just tells him to let today happen. Angela says her mother and Elliot’s father will be fine and Elliot is just trying to make sense of everything. Angela is in way deeper than he thought, considering he thought she was helping him this whole time.

Darlene gets a call from Elliot with an address of where Tyrell is. Dom and Norm go to their boss, but he shuts them down pretty quickly. As it turns out, the boss is in on it. He quickly texts Irving that the location is burned and to take care of Wellick. At this point, who isn’t in on this crazy plan?

Whiterose chats with Phillip Price at the Mar-a-Lago Club. Price never looks totally pleased during the conversation. Whiterose is then informed that the location was compromised. Meanwhile, Whiterose remains completely composed and as always, B.D. Wong excellently plays the role.

Elliot makes his way to the build he had called in the bomb threat for. There’s no bomb that the fire department or a bomb squad could detect, so he ends up sneaking his way in. Mr. Robot starts to take over and Elliot goes in and out of reality. He eventually makes his way to a computer and continues to feel Mr. Robot’s presence. Elliot loses 5 minutes this time. He sees some semblance of success as he closes the gap for how long Mr. Robot takes over.

Elliot cleverly opens a text document to see if Mr. Robot responds to him that way. The struggle he’s having is intense to watch. Elliot has a complete sense of urgency right now while Mr. Robot is fighting to keep everything going as planned. Both are struggling, but Elliot is the one who has to try much harder to win, especially when Mr. Robot does things like making him fall down a set of stairs or running into walls. The glitch effect fits perfectly with what Elliot’s brain probably feels like and with the show in general.

USA Network

USA Network

While Irving is telling Tyrell that his trip to Ukraine isn’t going to happen, Dom is at Red Wheelbarrow BBQ. She’s looking for him but both her and Norm don’t see anything suspicious. Dom peeks around and sees smoke coming up from under a door while we see Tyrell burning stuff in a trash can.

Whatever the plan is for the day, Agent Santiago calls his mom and tells her to stay inside. Meanwhile, Angela is under the impression that no one is going to die, even as she has a gun held to her head. These two instances send out mixed signals on what’s going down.

The quick scene changes add to the intensity of the episode. Darlene bangs on Angela’s door and once she’s let in, it switches back to Elliot, then to Dom ordering coffee, and the scenes just keep moving quickly in the last few minutes of the show. We also see Tyrell running around outside like a maniac, which is entertaining in itself. Elliot let’s Mr. Robot know that the paper records are not where they’re supposed to be.

Everything is going wrong and it looks like Elliot won against Mr. Robot. Or is that exactly how things were supposed to go? This episode leaves a lot of questions. Is Elliot back and Mr. Robot gone (like he was before)? Who knew where Elliot sent all of the records? Even Elliot has a lot of questions and I could probably go on and on. This show always brings a new twist to it.

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