Mr. Robot season 3, episode 5 recap: Trashing E Corp

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USA Network


Mr. Robot makes great use of a commercial-free episode and packs it full of time at E Corp.

Mr. Robot kicks off with Angela acting like Elliot isn’t about to be fired in the elevator. Elliot can feel that something isn’t right, but continues to go about his day anyway. Elliot then realizes he can’t get onto his computer and then asks Samar to use his while he’s on the phone. He avoids security and starts to use Fred’s computer when security starts to check that floor.

Elliot is acting strange because of the fact that he can’t remember anything from the last four days, when Mr. Robot took over. Mr. Robot finally shows up when security spots Elliot. He has an internal monologue as he heads down the elevator to get out of the building. He calls the data center to tell them that they need to evacuate. As soon as he ends the call, Darlene comes up and admits to working with the FBI. It’s safe to say that Elliot is less than thrilled about the news.

Meanwhile, the protest outside of E Corp is unusually large. The crowd overpowers the police and storm their way into the building. While they go around trashing the place, Irving calls her and tells her about a package. He’s also aware of the distraction, which is all so Angela can get Elliot to implement the contingency plan. She declines a call from him shortly after talking to Irving. She also runs into a bit of trouble with a security officer in the elevator, who notices the badge she drops as the elevator loses power.

Angela tries to follow the instructions in the package herself, but runs into some trouble when another employee comes in and asks how she got in there. The lady sprays some mace into one of the vandals eyes and runs off, allowing Angela to proceed. When Mr. Robot first started, it never felt apparent that Angela would end up being this involved. It’s been a great way to develop her character.

USA Network

USA Network

Angela calls Irving to tell him that she was made and that she got it done. He’s surprised that she followed everything listed on the paper and he stressed the importance of it all being done. There’s still more for her to do before she gets to leave the building, though. She takes the package to reception on her floor and receives a bag in return. Then, she runs into Elliot who asks her if she needs to tell him anything.

The episode largely takes place inside of E Corp with the exception of Elliot being escorted out and the crowd protesting. The cinematography is just stunning in the episode. When Angela is following the instructions that were left for Elliot, there’s a shot that lets you see what she’s doing inside and let’s you look down the side of the building at the same time. It’s safe to say that this show is unconventional in many ways.

Mr. Robot continues to impress this season and even if this episode was central to one location, it brought plenty of mayhem to go along with it. Elliot’s reactions to security showing up and searching floor by floor were perfect every time he spotted them. As was his reaction to Darlene telling him about her involvement with the FBI. It’ll be interesting to see if they have a fallout again because of that in the coming episodes.

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