‘Mr. Robot’ season 3 trailer showcases Rami Malek, Bobby Cannavale … and Leonard Cohen? [WATCH]


The dark and unsettling USA drama series “Mr. Robot” returns on October 11, and the network just unveiled its third-season trailer in a most unusual way that is true to the enigmatic style of the series itself. On August 4 the network orchestrated a social media scavenger hunt that started with a first-look image of Bobby Cannavale‘s new character, Irving. There was a code embedded in that image that give fans clues they needed to uncover the trailer. Watch it below.

“Mr. Robot” follows Elliot Alderson (Emmy winner Rami Malek), a computer genius who joins f-society, a collective of activist hackers in their mission to destroy a corrupt multinational corporation called E-Corp, but it turns out Elliot has a separate personality and was unknowingly the leader of the hacktivists. Season two of the series went even deeper down the rabbit hole as Elliot’s mission was further complicated by his mental instability.

The new trailer doesn’t reveal any plot details, or even any dialogue. The eerie scenes feature Malek, Carly Chaikin, Portia Doubleday, Michael Cristofer, Martin Wallstrom, and Emmy nominee BD Wong in varying states of distress as the chaos and danger seem to escalate following the f-society hack. The trailer is narrated by a verse from late singer Leonardo Cohen‘s spoken-word poem “Democracy,” in which the Canadian artist says: “It’s coming to America first / The cradle of the best and of the worst / It’s here they got the range / And the machinery for change.” The verse ends, “Democracy is coming to the USA,” so it sounds like the revolution will indeed be televised.