Christian Slater reflects on ‘Mr. Robot’ award wins (and snubs) plus teases Season 3 to debut in October [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]


Christian Slater won both a Golden Globe and the Critics’ Choice Award for his supporting performance in the first season of “Mr. Robot,” but shockingly was not even nominated by the Emmys. Asked to reflect on his take of the snub in an interview with Gold Derby (watch the exclusive video above), Slater laughs, “Shit happens? I don’t know! I had such a wonderful ride, gosh, with this show that I couldn’t have felt more blessed with everything that had happened.”

If nominated at the Emmys this year for Best Drama Supporting Actor, Slater intends to submit the episode titled “eps2.4_m4ster-s1ave.aes” as his showcase for voters. Memorable for its opening dream sequence filmed in the style of a 1980s sitcom, the episode has been submitted for Emmy consideration in several other categories. Slater explains, “It was really a bizarre thing to be going long in a particular direction with the show and then spending those days living in that kind of surreal very different kind of world and the delivery of those lines — there’s something so static about it and there’s such a particular rhythm to sitcom communication that I found it extraordinarily challenging.”

If “Mr. Robot” repeats its nomination for Best Drama Series, Slater will share in that nomination, as he became a producer on the show for its second season. “It just organically fell into that place where whatever I could do to be helpful with the schedule and all those kinds of elements I was willing to do,” he explains.

“I know. I’m terrible,” Slater quips about being tight-lipped about upcoming plot developments. When “Mr. Robot” returns with its third season starring Emmy winner Rami Malek this October, it will feature Bobby Cannavale in a new supporting role, to which Slater teases, “He’s definitely a very interesting character. I think you guys are going to love what he does with the role. He ends up becoming an extraordinarily very intricate person in this story.”

Although “Mr. Robot” scored Slater the first major award of his career, he noted at the end of his speech that he had been acting “for the last four decades.” Slater now says that he will act “as long he keeps breathing” and relishes future opportunities to play “interesting, new characters” in older roles that were unavailable to him previously.