Mr Robot season 3 trailer is here and it looks darker than ever before (Video)


Mr. Robot just dropped an extremely dark first trailer for season 3, set to Democracy by Leonard Cohen. Find out when the season premiere will be.

If you thought the wait for Westworld season 2 was the most agonizing one in TV, think again. After a 13-month hiatus, USA’s hit show Mr. Robot will return to the airwaves on October 11 for season 3. While the past two seasons of Mr. Robot premiered in July, this one won’t get underway until close to the end of the year.

There are plenty of factors that have helped make Mr. Robot the successful show that it’s become. Its greatest attribute is the fact that the main character’s an unreliable narrator, making you question everything as it unfolds. The show has drawn a lot of comparisons to Fight Club — season 1 was all about finding out who Tyler Durden was, while season 2 was the beginning of Project Mayhem.

Very little has been revealed about the plot details of season 3, but judging by this trailer, things aren’t going to get much easier for Elliot any time soon.

The f society mask is one of the most haunting visuals of the entire show. Seeing Angela wear it in the trailer can’t be a good sign, but it aligns with when we saw Angela get involved with Elliot’s plan at the end of season 2.

According to Uproxx, the season 3 trailer was marketed by USA in typical Mr. Robot fashion. They tweeted out lines from Leonard Cohen’s “Democracy,” which led to endless speculation from fans. It all paid off in the trailer, which is set to a spoken-word version of the song.

While the trailer contains mostly familiar faces, Mr. Robot is making a big addition to the cast in the form of Bobby Cannavale. Ever since his star turn on Boardwalk Empire, you’d have a hard time not seeing him in your favorite movie or TV show. He has a commanding screen presence wherever he goes, so he should only elevate the quality of the series.

While Mr Robot is very much a cult series, it broke into the mainstream last year when Rami Malek won an Emmy for Best Actor. If anything, seeing how he’ll top his performance might be the most anticipated quality of season 3.