NYCC: An Interview with Mr. Robot Stars, Portia Doubleday & Carly Chaikan!


The world is full of consumption and corporation greed: media controls the masses and the masses are sheep to it all. fsociety, a group of hacktivists have banned together to take down E Corp (emblazoned in our protagonist’s head as Evil Corp) to free those masses from financial debt and more. Our first time meeting the protagonist, Elliot, is when he takes down a pedophile through hacking, so it’s no surprise when Mr. Robot shows with an offer he can’t help but be enamored with. As the audience, we are Elliot’s friends. He admits the secrets and hidden thoughts he can’t say out loud – but don’t be fooled by the idea that you’re not a participant of his world. You are a character – you’re just as real as Mr. Robot.

“I had known the whole time that he [Elliott]was my brother. I still get paranoid while saying that!” Carly Chaikin places a hand close to her chest as she remembers how one of the show’s biggest reveals revolved her character’s relationship with Elliot. Darlene’s presence in fsociety closely resembled a firecracker; she broke into Elliot’s apartment, interrupted his life, and was close to bringing devastation to E Corp through her hacking skills, but towards the end of the show’s dynamic first season, we finally figured out what made her tick – family.

Portia Doubleday plays the dynamic Angela, a childhood friend of the two siblings. At first, she shares Elliot’s hatred for E Corp, due to the company in charge of their parents’ death – Elliot’s dad and Angela’s mom – but we find out that she joins the company within the last two episodes. Elliot and Darlene aren’t aware of it just yet, but we’re pretty sure that they won’t take it well.

One thing we can say about the show is how it seems to forecast certain events that have occurred this year. One particular event that had viewers wowed was the Sony hack occurring the same time the show began to premiere. We also can’t forget when Mr. Robot featured an Ashley Madison storyline right before the dating website’s hack released personal information of members. Check out Carly and Portia’s interview to hear more about Sam Esmail, the creator of the show, and his prophetic storylines!