The EW Community's top 7 summer MVPs

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Though summer is still a quieter time on television than fall, it is no longer the barren wasteland of reruns that it once was.

This year, the EW Community enjoyed the return of some of our summer favorites, and were blown away by the introduction of some new ones.

As the fall TV season descends upon us, we look back and honor seven of the most commanding performances of the summer.

Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson, Mr. Robot

On paper, Elliot Alderson isn’t terribly sympathetic. He’s a dog-stealing, morphine-snorting, privacy-invading weirdo with social anxiety disorder. Yet as played by Rami Malek in Mr. Robot, we like Elliot very much, from his acerbic, monotone voiceovers to the rage and despair that peek through the cracks as his life starts to spin out of control. Malek and his otherworldly features elevate every scene of the coolest, most challenging show of the summer as Elliot shuffles from work to therapy to home, hunched and guarded, under the weight of modern life, with its unfeeling capitalism and its creeping invasions. He wants to make the world better, even if he goes about it in shocking ways. Has disaffected alienation ever looked more winning? —Sara Netzley