What we learned from the Mr. Robot New York Comic Con panel

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Hello, friends. It’s been a little while. 

The cast and creator of USA’s Mr. Robot took the stage at the Hammerstein Ballroom for New York Comic-Con for their first appearance since the explosive season finale, talking twists and keeping the truth about fsociety a secret.

While season 2 was in the back of everyone’s mind, it was clear that creator Sam Esmail did not want to get into detail about what’s next, much to the chagrin of his cast. 

“Sam gets scared to be in close quarters with us,” said Carly Chaikin, who plays Darlene, of the cast’s desire for season 2 secrets. 

A few tidbits did come out in the course of conversation, including that next season will feature some info about the early days of fsociety and that Christian Slater’s Mr. Robot will definitely return. “He’s coming back,” Esmail said. 

Since this was the first major appearance by the cast in front of a large audience of fans, they shared some of their experiences from early on, including that many of them, specifically Portia Doubleday, learned the full season arc of their characters early on. Chaikin recalled how she was burned by fans who didn’t know the full truth about Darlene and asked, “Who the hell is this girl? She’s so annoying.” 

Rami Malek joked at the time, “Wow, they really get you.”

Malek’s on-set reputation as a prankster was another hot topic of conversation. “I had people convinced I was White Rose for a while,” he said, later recalling when he covered Chaikin’s trailer in gummy bears because she said it was her character’s favorite candy. “I’m a pain in the ass.”

The biggest shocker came when the cast took turns saying what they wanted to see next season. Martin Wallstrom, who plays Tyrell Wellick, had a very specific request: “I would love Tyrell to kiss Elliot.”

Other takeaways
-Esmail’s other big tease for season two: “It gets really f—ing dark.”
-Malek watched Pi, Taxi Driver
-Wallstrom discussed American Psycho with Esmail and read books about climbing corporate ladders. 
-People will cheer whenever Christian Slater mentions a movie he’s made.