10 Best (And 5 Worst!) TV Shows of 2015: Jeff Jensen's picks


Jeff Jensen's Picks of the Year

From tearful farewells (so long, Don Draper) to heartwarming hellos (welcome, Rachel Bloom), find out what made EW TV Critic Jeff Jensen’s top 10 list of shows to watch. Also, his top five picks for shows to avoid.

1. Mr. Robot (USA)

USA Network

USA Network

In 2005, TV’s best moved us to feeling, reflection, and tweeting by surveying the relationship between broken people and broken society. No show pushed my buttons more than Sam Esmail’s thriller about the moral compromises and systemic injustices of our times. Elliot — a misfit yearning for coherence and connection; a cog raging against the machine that owns him — rebooted the alienated hero to electrifying effect. Rami Malek, mesmerizing, kept us emotionally invested in a mystery that entertained even as it implicated us with “kingdom of bulls---” invective. Like the striking negative space aesthetic, Christian Slater’s walking, talking gadget-play transcended gimmickry by meaning many things: a buggy coping mechanism; a corrupt fantasy gone viral. Enthralling and resonant, Mr. Robot reminded us that revolution begins under the hoodie.