The Biggest Winners and Losers of 2015 TV


Another year has come and gone, and oh, what a great and strange year it was in TV.

One of the year's most anticipated shows was a huge letdown, a show about computer hacking was one of the best of the year, we suddenly found ourselves watching a lot of Hulu original programming and Netflix introduced a new breed of superheroes. Oh, and all your favorites got plans to be either rebooted ore revived—at this point next year we could be calling Gilmore Girls a winner. See? Great and strange year.

This year, streaming platforms like Hulu and Netflix stepped up their game and continued to surprise us, but regular TV wasn't without some noisy events…even if they weren't always the best events (we're looking at you, The Walking Dead, for your whole Glenn debacle).

Relive the year that was and find out TV's biggest winners and losers of 2015 right now.

USA Network

USA Network


USA left the sunshine world it's become known for and delivered one of the best shows of year with Mr. Robot, a hacker drama that is so much more than webcams and identity theft. Rami Malek stole the show and now we never want to live in a world where he's not on our TVs.