Golden Globes 2016 TV Predictions: And the Biggest Shocker of the Night Will Be...


It's a good thing Golden Globes is the award show with plenty of booze flowing, because at least one nail-biter is guaranteed to make the night pretty tense:

Mr. Robot Vs. Outlander.

What's that? You haven't seen them both yet? What kind of poor life choices have you been making? Just kidding. (Not really.)

Starz's Outlander vs. USA's Mr. Robot is arguably the most important TV battle of the 2016 Golden Globes, and whoever wins, it will be stunning. Clearly, a Best Drama Series win—the biggest TV award at the Globes—would mean a lot to each network. As it would to the show's hard-working casts and obsessive fans, who have done nothing but shout from the rooftops how incredible these ground-breaking series are. Both stand a very good chance at winning, despite being less mainstream than the likes of ratings behemoth Empire.

So…who will win? And what about the other TV races?

My predictions:


USA Network

USA Network

Mr. Robot
Game of Thrones


Make no mistake: Outlander is a stunning and impeccably acted and produced series—and the kind of show one doesn't just watch, but obsesses over. But so is Mr. Robot, and past voting history has shown that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association tends to love brand-new shows that are supersleek and hugely buzzy, and the USA smash hit was arguably the most talked about new show of the year. And for good reason. Every episode felt like the climax of a thrilling major motion picture—with expertly crafted, incredibly smart twists that left us breathless. (Thanks for the cardio, USA!) Plus, the acting by newcomer Rami Malek? Just…holy wow. Let's talk about it…


USA Network

USA Network

Jon Hamm (Mad Men)
Rami Malek (Mr. Robot)
Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul)
Wagner Moura (Narcos)
Liev Schriber (Ray Donovan)

WHO WILL WIN: Rami Malek

An impossibly challenging role, Malek's intensely layered portrayal of Mr. Robot's Elliot made the craziest show of the year intimately believable. Not only was he watchable, he made us question even our own sanity and safety as the show progressed. (Oh, whatever, you got sucked into it all, too.) The nostalgic win of course would be Jon Hamm here, who hasn't won for Mad Men since 2008. But when have the Globes ever given a damn about nostalgia? Malek feels like a lock.