Exclusive: Say F*ck Society With This Mr. Robot Song Premiere


We’re in a magical age of quality television. More and more shows have production values of big budget Hollywood films, stellar writing teams, brilliant stars, and composers that are making memorable and powerful music. One such show that combines all of these aspects into a mind-bending masterpiece is “Mr. Robot”, the series that follows Elliot Alderson, a brilliant but unhinged computer hacker who helped orchestrate a massive cyberattack on the multi-national company Evil Corp.

Today, we’re bringing you an exclusive taste of the soundtrack with the premiere of “2.0_1-s4ve-the-w0rld.act“, the opening track to Mr. Robot V.3, the first volume of a two-volume set. Haunting and epic, the track uses electronic synths to create a beautiful foundation that is assaulted by thunderous percussion and piercing strings. Everything combines to make “2.0_1-s4ve-the-w0rld.act” a track that embodies every aspect of the show, a blend of human emotion with synthetic rage. This is a prime example of Quayle’s magnificent skill and ability to draw in the listener with hypnotic majesty.

Quayle explains, “If the first season of “Mr. Robot” took us into Elliot’s mind, the second season drew us deeper into his subconscious. As we learned, it’s pretty dark in there and so naturally the music followed suit. Darker, weirder, more dissonant, more paranoid.” He then adds, “It’s quite possibly some of the strangest music I’ve ever written. I brought Elliot’s theme back from season one but in a much more subtle and obscure form. In addition, I expanded the electronic instrument palette with the use of orchestral style strings to add another layer of emotion to certain scenes.”

Lakeshore Records will release the album digitally on June 9 and CD later this summer. Invada Records, in conjunction with Lakeshore, will also release a special LP package later this year.