Mr Robot's latest season 3 trailer makes Elliot solve his own shooting

USA Network

USA Network


The fallout from the season two finale of Mr Robot plays out fully in the new trailer for season three of the USA Network/Amazon show.

Following Elliot's (Rami Malek) shock shooting last season, we hear Tyrell (Martin Wallström) shout in shock: "He made me shoot him!" – though it's actually Mr Robot (Christian Slater) who is in the hospital bed.

Luckily, Elliot is back to work doing what he does best – hacking and being very broody – as he solves his own shooting.

However, Darlene (Carly Chaikin) declares that Chinese hacker group the Dark Army has turned against them as the revolution continues.

Elliot also reveals that "Stage 2 was never called off" while plenty of chaos ensues as the world around them collapses – New York is in military lockdown, after all.

Basically, the stakes are pretty high for season three, and frankly we could not be more excited to see what our favourite hackers get up to.

USA Network

USA Network

Things are truly gearing up for the next slate of episodes, with the show recently releasing a teaser clip of Elliot at cyber-security tournament Def Con CTF. However, a mysterious person then asks him to "stand up, and walk with us".

As for what to expect next season, showrunner Sam Esmail recently revealed that we will see a brutal takedown of America following the inauguration of Trump.

Mr Robot returns on Wednesday, October 11 on USA Network in the US and later on Amazon Prime in the UK.