Den Of Geek's top TV episodes of 2015


The votes are in.

Earlier this month, over thirty of Den Of Geek's writers nominated up to five of their favourite television episodes of the year, ranked in order of preference. Points were allocated. Favourites emerged. And the sanity of the site's TV editor was offered once again as a festive sacrifice to the God of Microsoft Excel worksheets.

Over eighty individual episodes were nominated in total, and below are the fifteen that placed highest overall...

7. Mr Robot – Hello Friend

USA Network

USA Network

What our reviewer said:

“For a cyber-thriller set in 2015 New York, there’s something curiously anachronistic about the first episode of Mr Robot, a promising new ten-part drama starring Rami Malek and Christian Slater.

Unusually for this genre, it’s not the tech that feels as if it belongs to another time, but the ideology. Episode one’s monologues on disaffection, alienation, phoneyism, economic anarchy and evil conglomerates are drenched in Fight Club, The Matrix and American Psycho-era cynicism. […]

The result is an intriguing tangle of ethical quandaries about information, power and imprisonment. Who are the bad guys, Mr Robot asks. And who are the really bad guys? Over the course of the next nine episodes (and a second already-confirmed season to reassure premature cancellation-phobics), we’re going to find out.”