2016 Golden Globes Nominations Predictions To Give Us An Award Show With A Lot Of Deserving First Time Nominees


It’s no secret that the Golden Globes love to nominate the big names every year, but it also loves to award newcomers in both television and film. There were first-time winners at the 2015 Golden Globes, including Jane The Virgin's Gina Rodriguez, The Normal Heart's Matt Bomer, Eddie Redmayne The Theory of Everything, Patricia Arquette and J.K. Simmons — the latter three all ended up winning the Oscar too. Thus, when doing any list of 2016 Golden Globes nominations predictions, it's best to give due attention to those underdog actors and shows.

The awards show, which will air on Jan. 10 on NBC, is also known for shaking things up, often due to the way they break up the film categories into Drama and Comedy. Some movies that one may consider to be a drama may be competing in the comedy category, like The Martian and Jennifer Lawrence's Joy. And yes, some of these weird Golden Globes category facts will leave you scratching your head, but it does make for some interesting nominations.

So, below, I've come up with a list of safe bets and long shots that I'd like to see the Golden Globes take notice of — many for the very first time since it would be nice to see some new names and faces on the carpet. Some may seem a bit too gutsy for the awards show, but as the Globes have shown, sometimes those surprise turn into sure bets on the night of the awards.

Best Drama Series

Who We'd Like To See Sneak In There

Mr. Robot, USA: This suspenseful look at a delusional hacker's life had a shocking reveal that made it one of the best shows of the year.

Best Actor in a Television Drama

Who We'd Like To See Sneak In There

Rami Malek, Mr. Robot: The most untrustworthy narrator on TV kept us questioning what is real and what is fake. But Malek's talent is never in question.