The 15 Best Dramas of 2015


As we look back at the best TV had to offer in 2015, here are my picks for the 15 best dramas of the year. From superheroes and epic fight scenes to plenty of fantastic new shows on network, cable and streaming services, these shows represent the best TV has to offer.

#3 Mr. Robot

USA Network

USA Network

Out of nowhere this USA drama became the critical darling of the summer, and with good reason. This psychological thriller is basically Fight Club for computer hackers, but with an engrossing lead performance by Rami Malek. The troubled, isolated and gifted Elliot teamed up with a group to take down the entire financial system, aided by the enigmatic Mr. Robot (Christian Slater’s best performance in forever). The many shocking twists and turns, combined with the gorgeous cinematography of every single shot, made this the most compelling summer obsession of 2015.