14 Times We Cancelled All Our Plans to Watch TV in 2015


It's been said that time has never been better for TV. This is the golden age of television. It's never been wiser to cancel all our nightly plans out and just stay in and watch TV, especially in 2015. Real life can't possibly be as exciting, interesting and entertaining as the fictional lives of our favorite characters. Here are some of the best times we just dropped everything to watch TV in 2015.

USA Network

USA Network

9. When We Found Who was Mr. Robot
Over the summer, anyone smart enough to watch Mr. Robot was captivated by the central mystery of if the titular character was real or imaginary. It wasn't until the penultimate episode of the first season where the question was finally answered. It might have been obvious by then end but it was done in such a powerful way that star Rami Malek deserves all the awards forever.