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Awards Daily TV attended an Emmy® For Your Consideration event in Hollywood for USA Network’s Mr. Robot at Create Nightclub.

The cast of USA Network’s Mr. Robot gathered for an Emmy For Your Consideration (FYC) event in an unusual place, the strikingly fitting Create Nightclub.  Create Nightclub in Hollywood is the perfect venue. Not only is it located next door to the Museum of Death, but as you enter the club, it’s all dark with a red and black vibe to it.

“It’s more Mr. Robot,” Mac Quayle explained.

The Music

Quayle is the show’s composer and prepared to perform the Mr. Robot soundtrack live. It was the first performance he’s done, and he was nervous but excited to say the least.

“I’ve had this vision of what it could be. This is the first step towards this,” he explained as voting members waited eagerly outside. Even the valet hosts wore Mr. Robot masks.

Quayle discussed his performance. The music was electronic so he uses keyboards, electronic drums, a computer and computer drums to get his sound.

“It’s going to be a smooth version of what we see on the show,” he said. “It’s been going in my mind for months, but I started putting it together a few weeks ago.”

Quayle said when he’s composing the score and the music, “It can take anywhere from three weeks to five days to do.” With Season 2, he often received the film on Monday, and it would have to be ready by Sunday.

Mr. Robot Himself

Christian Slater, Mr. Robot himself, sat down holding court, and I nabbed a few minutes with him.

“It keeps getting better and better. I am always amazed by the effort and work that Sam [Esmail] and the writers put in,” he said of the show’s last two seasons. “The characters keep getting richer and fully developed and to be a part of that is very exciting.”

The cast and crew are on a brief hiatus and in Los Angeles while Esmail gets married. Slater talked about what we have to look forward to after that killer season that had us thrilled. In a word, he said, “Disintegration.” He explained, “I asked another writer and he said, ‘It’s like a swift kick to the nuts.’ It’s going to be a real energetic and fast-paced event.”

Slater talked about working with Esmail and the consistency of having one director, “It’s a cinematic experience and to have Sam at the helm makes it feel consistent. It’s truly his vision and his baby. Season 2 was in Elliot’s mind, but it gave us the opportunity to delve into the other characters as well. It showed there’s an ensemble quality to the show and each character had the opportunity to shine.”

Slater discussed his hopes for Mr. Robot and the idea of possibly working with Elliot, rather than fighting with him.

“I love when I get to interact with others. In Season 1, it was mainly with Elliot. In Season 2, we were butting heads and it was frustrating for Mr. Robot. I would like to see them come together and work together.”

The Women, the Real Power of the Show

Grace Gummer joined the show in Season 2 and plays FBI agent Dom said, “I was a freshman coming into the show in the sophomore year. I was so excited to join the show. I knew Rami but I didn’t know the others.”

Did she struggle to fit in?

“I was accepted into this tight family.” She adds that the addition of her character was welcomed into every aspect of the show.

Carley Chaikin added, “I talked to Rami, and he said [Gummer] would fit right in with us and the show. We couldn’t have asked for a better addition to the show.” Chaikin joked that the trio is complete with having a red, blonde and brunette. You know, like Charlie’s Angels.

Portia Doubleday said Season 2 for her was one of the best because it really gave a chance for the female characters to shine and be developed.

“It was awesome for me personally. My character in Season 1 was pretty much kept under wraps until the reveal.” Doubleday also agreed with Slater and how having Esmail work throughout the season helped immensely.

Gummer recalled her highlight of the season: “I loved when I came together with the girls, and I felt I was part of the show.”

Doubleday said her story line originally changed, “I was not going to be a romantic interest or supporting of some person, or the girl next door.” She compliments Esmi in saying that he gave her “a huge and complex story.” She added, “That was fun to explore.”

Rami Malek Teases Season 3

Emmy-winner Rami Malek, Elliot, teased of Season 3: “There’s so much left to explore about the character.” Malek said of his character, “It’s worth the wait because we want everything to be as finesse and as powerful as we want it to be.” Commenting on Create Nightclub, he said, “If you play the Mr. Robot soundtrack at an EDM club, people would go ballistic.”

He praised the show’s setting of New York and revealed to me how he and Esmail fought to have the show set in New York.

“We were told that initially, it was going to shoot in Toronto, and I said under no circumstances would it work.” He added, “New York is an indelible character in the show. It really plays that extra character, not just as a backdrop, but in being this overbearing physicality of the city. The grit and the pace of the city would take art designers and millions of dollars to recreate and you would never have that authenticity.”

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